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tv   [untitled]    June 9, 2015 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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my name is ousting i was born in san francisco in the 1980s and working during the 90s of i saw what happened then in the first, i'm currently residing here i know this is long please give our attention to the speakers i moved away for economic reasons to pursue work when i moved back i didn't recognize the mists a make sure it was a completely different neighborhood and an era of intolerance i didn't experience in multiple san francisco a lot of money being powder in san francisco and that money is from international capital not necessarily from our voting constituents who value you guys into office i saw an assembly driblt race there were thousands
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of volunteers that don't live in the district that volunteer for the candidates and the on the candidate one because of an all staff campaign very very late in the game all that hard work of san franciscans and form san franciscans that come in were put away by the few donors i don't want to see that happen to the city i love this city and the diversity is what gives it a lot of attraction to the people internationally and real estate speculators and everyone that want to will hear we need to keep it affordable we need to keep s it affordable for the people who live and work and may have fled difficult political or family situations to get to the sanctuary city is important and
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the core of san francisco values. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i want to acknowledge former christina great to see you >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (clapping.) >> oh, oh i just forgot i think everyone didn't acknowledge that today is the full moon so new beginnings there are people right here give it a try only 45 days kim and farrell you've got my vote so i also hail but unlike the politic guys the politics don't work i majored in environmental justice that is what san francisco is missing that why people i love white people too but it's not fair they're the ones that for
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another it as you can see they're the ones supporting the developers i agree we need more housing we need more housing but give us a try it didn't hurt where are the people going to go they got to stay here they've got laws if you're homeless you can't sit in the park y where do they go so be smart and you know think forward i'm so glad we can do this in this country. >> thank you. next speaker, please (clapping.) >> hello my name is steve i'm born and raised in san francisco and my father and mother met at mission high school i built community and do hiv studies how do you guys do this wyatt's that's what i want to know this
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is hard it is all night long amazing anyway my father came here and his family all came here because they believed in democracy and kicked outd out and that's how my father got here my father get kicked out of his apartment era on greener are street and he passed away last february so i ask you the board of supervisors to please vote for the moratorium to give us time to bring all this local magic together and build communities and build a better community for affordable housing and keep san franciscans here thank you all so so so much for being
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>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (clapping.) >> hello my name is kathy i live in the hate ashbury we know this is a citywide issue and my heart goes out to the people if the mists and people that lost their homes in the mission it is such a wonderful and important part of city i came here when i was 7 a place that was diverse and i was so lucky to go to city college i can't imagine how to do that now and pay the rent i know people are homeless they can't pay the crazy rent i'm a special education teacher and some of my students will have been homeless and parents are single parent working 3 jobs justice to take
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care of her two children and try to stay in the city for the services for her special needs child as a special teacher and opening in sfusd because people can't afford to be here especially the special education teacher thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please this is my boyfriend nick we were born and raised i grew up in the mission and him in the excelsior i want to tell you i don't think i work from the women's building and everyday i see women that are trying to escape vibrant situations they can't they have no where to go we have to know how to effects women and children they need a
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safe place to go and the moratorium is something i think i all should support now we're going to remind you about what happened then on may 8th >> we're here to demand something. >> some of. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> we're here to stop eviction. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> >> (repeated.) we're here to stop monsters.
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> . >> (repeated.) >> we're here to we want affordable housing now. >> (repeated.) >> from the bay area we tould told you years ago there was a scheme (inaudible). >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please >> wow. >> thank you. >> i'm from san francisco i moved to the mission when i was 8-year-old and i remember eating fresh food by bart getting $0.25
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cones at thrifty's if you excuse me. where my home is it the mission district i have always felt that way i took measure altitudes with my mom and sister area smelling the food and playing with the neighbor kids that spoke spanish this is being filled with ugly homes for the wealthy where we can't afford the reason the mists means so much the culture and diversity and eating the delicious food i'm pro density but not with the anything's community we need affordable housing for families and immigrants that have called the mission home please support of moratorium. >> thank you very much>> thank
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you. next speaker, please. >> thank you (clapping.) >> hello, i'm ms. johnson and i was truly put in prison because of cure cancer in a mental ward from jealous of doctors and they tried to max out the world from the real truth like the world that is made up of and i think the way we're going to solve this problem is insurance on the home housing authorities for the people that are homeless and a lot of those things we evaporate really- be jealous of i never got to mask the jealous of
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cancer they are hiding a patent over here i'm making sure this did not if this gets out that don't suffering it helps to get jobs and mentally ill and i've lived with flesh eating disease and lived with that what i went through it helped me to cure cancer it is proof this needs to come out to publics for people who have this - what's called a strain of world and germs they need to put up that wall they
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assassinated a lady i'm the only one left trying to destroy >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (clapping.) >> handsome i'm susan marsh i'm in favor of the moratorium and everyone in the opposition feels it they've expressed they sympathize with the tales of horror and plain and you've heard i believe you however supervisors and others opposing the moratorium will make things work because of the market and the operations of marketing and supply and demand well relevance we have just read in the last week an article in
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the wall street younger about the supply and demand in housing in a highly unequal society where banks and developers are seeking profits and the impact is that middle-income not rents were low income but middle-income developers deputy for the upper 20 percent and inclusive build luxury housing this make sense if you think about it given how could a moratorium hold on that process possible make things worse in a neighborhood recycle the mission with a mass displacement and it's scares sites for development of any kind hours please drop this disingenuousness and please listen to our community and support of moratorium
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>> thank you very much>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (clapping.) hi, i'm gary i'm in favor of the moratorium i'm a member of local 1021 and live in district 6 and rent a commercial space in the mission so i'm in favor of the moratorium you know this makes me think a lot of questions have come up i think about this issue why does all affordable housing have to be attached to private funding private investment why (clapping) it's ridiculous you know we- i know that is a reality right now but it didn't have to be the reality and especially you know when it comes to the u.s. didn't have gotten out of the business of affordable housing basically so i know some of i bart people
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might time to think about that and fighting for affordable housing on a national level i want to give a quick story when i was 19 i told you a lot of people i voted for reagan back in illinois and then i realized why i really am voting against my class interests it is a working class go to unit they hate unions and are republican you can be a have some class and consciousness you might want to have class solidarity because this is a class war so thank you very much thank you for your time. >> thank you very much. (clapping.)
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>> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi my name is brooke i'm a state of grow. as a state of geography i spend a lot of time how places recreate people and peep recreate places people who have spoken against the it today has made arguments about progress that the memorandum would be against the city i want you to think about the community in this room and the stagnation because i see a communities that is like humming is alive that has ideas and looking for a chance to execute them if you zoom out and look at the geography of the city's see
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a trend in the 50s and 60s the america dream was the endurances and all the people that could a afford lived outside the city as that dream kind the people that want the culture that the poor people of this country created and they're willing to pay a lot for it i don't think they realize they'll kill it may be some of them do other thing give the community the people that have created this place a chance to keep recreating they're doing a damn good job support of memorandum. >> him i'm antonio broird still managing to live here and have a
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baby in august hoping to raise a child in san francisco normally i'd like try to appeal about a logical argument or appeal to our humanity with a story of eviction i see it's a been done so here i'm going to appeal to guilt our the public servants they're not just developers not just the people that want to buy luxury housing but people account and your arguments are flailed they're based on color to zero compassion and you'll vote against this i sympathize with the people but you know you know what respect them the
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people i work in the bayview it is deal with displacement at or above the scale of what's happening in the mission and a long time the supervisors from the bayview what are they doing in dealing with this mission the moratorium will not cost housing for the housing in san francisco don't argue that i believe in supply and demand not a government role from creating housing don't be saying your screwed over and vote against this >> thank you (clapping.) >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> next speaker >> good afternoon evening i'm bret an advocate for a better world i have a petition to
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rename juts plaza of memorial plaza i'm here in support of moratorium and mission i feel like an endangered species i walk those streets since 1968 i've seen a lot of change i don't have a college degree but right now i live in a motor home with a wife and four children it can't get worse for me if this moratorium takes 40 or 60 over and over 80 days when you're at the bottom it can't get worse worse for who the poor people it is already worse just a time to take a break no one can argue that those people are saying their communities is in crisis they need a breather so
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someone says you live in a motor home why are you still in san francisco those people are why i'm still in san francisco when i'm gone and those people are gone san francisco will be gone no fillmore or chinatown and the mission is all that is left and bayview hunters point is on it's way out i'm san francisco whether you like it are not my appearances are not i'm san francisco thank you (clapping.) thank you. >> thank you. good evening to everyone i'm stephanie i'm a san francisco state university student i'm here to demand the economic and environmental rights (clapping.) so most importantly i'm here representing the modern age ever
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indigenous culture i'm here to preserve my identity no other place represents this with that said the greatest gift to be present as a healer eerie pray to our creator ois you all those testimonials will wake you the common ground we're all human beings in pursuant of health and happens when the beetles were spreading words like john less than no one imagine all the love while you support this moratorium and have the creative violation and the joy you feel in our hearts knowing the decision allow the heart of this city to thrive and support of
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culture of san francisco and imagine the planet and one life and one love thank you. >> thank you (clapping.) and hello good evening peace and blessing to all i'd like to take a moment to take a deep breath it's intense i want to call on the energy the gods and our sheen sherz to help us find the right way and solution i'm an architecture and human rights activist and want to represent those who are not here to speak and also i want to make that connection of how this jentd indication is a modern day coalition again and what is happening they're trying to kill our culture and arts your dreams but not this time we're fighting
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back (clapping.) i support of moratorium and the creation of affordable housing because affordable housing is a human right (clapping.) and you guys all have the power right now you have the power and voice to speak for the people and speak for the community you guys represent so speak up, please so let's look within our heart and soul housing is a human right peace and love and power to our people yes (clapping.) >> next speaker. >> hello, i lived in the mission for thirty years and i've seen big developers come move into the neighborhood and buy property and evict people
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and seeing form ma move into the neighborhood by politicians and evictions i want to say one of the biggest hits supervisor wiener is. >> no direct comments to the board please direct to the full board. >> my supervisors support of san bernardino 277 now working its way to the assembly to force my friend out of school because she didn't have ever one of the 39 element shots is that fair if she got 39 shots take a hike kid no school for you is it fair how about this one a child with hepatitis b it is auditorium u awful but you all support it and
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sat on your hands and without objection support for this is terribly even the folks i expert witness support it will effect many san franciscans may i have the overhead projector this is would if it passes will create back to integration a separate vaccinated and school a home school for unvaccinated detailed vaccinated that's what you voted for for. >> sir we're speaking on the moratorium in the mission. >> without having this crap. >> thank you very much ms. cus thank you.
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>> (clapping). >> thank you, everyone once again i have the privilege of sitting behind this wall behind this gate and i want you to license or listen because i try to listen to every single person and that doesn't have heed and heed of people that show up but you do and you have this privilege of sitting back there please listen i support the moratorium on luxury housing in the mission i stand in solidarity with mission residents and right now in oakland there's a group that is not even allowed in their city hall right now to say this so i want to share something i learned awhile standing in solidarity with
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people in oakland it goes like this i believe that we will win i believe that we that will win i believe that we will win i believe that we will win i and you not pass this moratorium we'll will win. >> i believe that we will win i believe that we will >> (clapping.) thank you. next speaker. >> hi good evening board of supervisors i know this is getting late i wanted to say thank you for taking the time i live ocher potrero hill so i lived in san francisco for 8 years and currently work for the city a blue-collar worker and stand in solidarity with the workers this is a much needed breather so i stand here that in
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favor of the moratorium i was born and raised in not in the city but a rural minnesota and hit by a an oil boom so of the oil companies have been burning automotive natural gas and only the oil it is a bottom line decision but it decision that is waste if you have the national resources how does that relate to the mission it is a behalf community that has an amazing vibrancy that is being torn part apart it is mark farrell asking for a time out and won placed fairly wouldn't lee allow a time out this moratorium will only effect the mission and the vast majority of the people are representatives of the mission so why would all of supervisors not support supervisor campos in
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taking care of that community 0 that's my question to you (clapping.) so i'm not anti development it is an intelligent for you to build a great city so let's do it well and do it for all the people that live here please vote yes for the moratorium and give this community time to breathe. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening members of the board without a beyond a reasonable doubt it is the longest i've seen in the board of supervisors and beyond any reasonable doubt would you tell us you support this moratorium listen to the constituents for a place to live